For Tillamook’s 110th birthday on February 13th, we wanted to throw one hell of a party for their very first, most-beloved product – Cheddar.

We soon realized that Cheddar didn’t have a national holiday of its own.

We found this unacceptable.

We drafted a petition to the National Day Registrar to devote Tillamook’s big day to an even bigger day – the first-ever National Cheddar Day.

Of the 18k submissions, National Cheddar Day was chosen and officially set for 2/13.

The party was on.

First off, we had to announce to the world that #NationalCheddarDay exists to rally the
cheddar-loving masses.

We did this the only way that made sense – by hand-carving the holiday declaration into a giant,
40lb block of solid Tillamook Cheddar.

Is it really a party without a piñata? Of course not, so we enlisted the help of a premier piñata-maker in
Los Angeles to make giant replicas of our cheddar loaves.

We then dropped a reminder that #NationalCheddarDay was approaching.


When you love something, you want to express it in as many ways as possible.

On the internet, that means Instagram
Sticker GIFs.

So to give everyone some flair for their
Cheddar Day Stories, I drew some some
super-cheesy GIFs.

To celebrate the big day, we had something special planned. In honor of the first-ever National Cheddar Day, we would give away a TON of cheddar. Literally.

1,000 2lb loaves of Tillamook Cheddar in 5 markets across the country.

On the day of, we unleashed the cheddar in Los Angeles, Denver, Dallas, Atlanta, and DC.

We partnered with a delivery service Fooji through Twitter. All people had to do was Tweet “#NationalCheddarDay + 🧀” and they were able to have 2lbs of cheese delivered to them in under a hour.

More giant piñata’s filled with 10 lbs of shredded cheese, please.

We also helped Tillamook create a brand ambassador program just in time for National Cheddar Day,
with nearly 70% of Tillamook fans reached out to opting in.

With our arsenal of ambassadors and network of influencers at the ready, we sent out a little something to get them ready for the big day – a custom kit with 2lbs of Tillamook Cheddar inside.

Between our ambassadors and our fans, the first-ever National Cheddar Day was a huge, cheesy success. We reached 373 million earned impressions, 28 million paid impressions, 97K engagement,
and over 11.7K used hashtags.